Hope Edition Team Sprung Tensioner

As fitted to our latest generation Team bikes, the Inspired Team Sprung Tensioner!

Developed with our team riders over the past 12 months, the new Team tensioner generates consistent, strong chain tension thanks to a custom high tension coil spring. This spring is orientated and positioned to deliver the maximum possible chain tension while not requiring any adjustment or maintenance.

The aluminium tensioner arm is designed to be as low profile as possible, ensuring that it's kept out of harms way when riding. This design also provides greater chain wrap, ensuring better chain feed onto your rear sprocket or freewheel.

The single sided design means that fitting and removing your wheel is as simple as possible, with an ergonomic extension on the lower end of the tensioner arm helps to make setting tension an easier, more comfortable operation.

Although fitted to our 2023 Team spec bikes, the Team tensioner is also compatible with all Fourplay and Hex frames from 2014-onwards, Skye V3 and V3.5 frames as well as the Link frame from 2023-onwards.

Technical Specification
- Custom designed sprung chain tensioner as fitted to Inspired Team bikes.
- Developed and proven by our Team riders.
- Constructed from high grade 7075 and 6061 aluminium alloy.
- High tension coil spring provides excellent chain tension.
- Single sided cage saves weight and allows the chain to be taken off quickly for easier wheel fitting/removal.
- Runs on two plastic jockey wheels for minimum noise and low drag.
- Slim, integrated design helps reduce the chance of damage during riding.
- Extended cage improves ergonomics and further aids chain removal.
- Fits directly onto Fourplay/Hex (2014-onwards), Skye V3/V3.5 frames and Link (2023-onwards) frames.
- Satin black anodised finish.
- 16T or 18T compatible versions available.
- Includes frame fixture bolts.
- Weight: 50g

Team Sprung Tensioner Instructions (1.6MB)