Tubeless Conversion Kit

Developed in conjunction with our team riders, and perfected after extensive testing, this Tubeless Conversion kit allows riders to take advantage of the benefits that tubeless tyre setups present for street trials riding! For riders who frequently suffer from pinch punctures or rim impacts, or even just those who wish to take advantage of being able to run at lower tyre pressures, this is one of the biggest performance upgrades you can make to your bike.

Comprised of two tubeless inserts complete with fixing tape and zip ties, along with rim tapes and CNC-machined alloy tubeless valves, this kit contains everything you need to prepare your wheels - meaning you simply need to add sealant.

The closed cell, high density foam inserts are supplied full length, giving riders the option to simply shorten the inserts to suit their desired wheel size (from 20" up to 29" wheels). The carefully chosen foam material will not absorb tubeless sealant, and is also resistant to impacts and abuse while providing great rim protection.

The tough yet flexible rim tape is capable of forming to the shape of the inside of even the most complex rim profiles, providing dependable sealing and no sealant absorption.

Our alloy tubeless valves feature a unique head with side ports, preventing the insert from blocking air flow in or out of the valve. They are only available in Presta format, but their tapered base allows them to be used on both Presta and Schrader drilled rims. The anodised black finish is a stylish addition to any wheelset.

Our tubeless conversion kit is compatible with any tubeless sealant currently available, but we recommend it's used in conjunction with our Inspired Tubeless Sealant.

Technical Specification
- Versatile tubeless conversion kit, tested and developed with team riders including John Langlois!
- Kit is comprised of 2 x Tubeless Inserts, Rim Tape roll, 2 x Tubeless Valves, Adhesive Tape and Zip Ties.
- High density, closed-cell foam inserts don't absorb sealant, and are proven to help reduce the chances of punctures and rim damage.
- Inserts are supplied in full length, allowing riders the chance to easily create an insert to suit any wheel size from 20" through to 29".
- Custom rim tape is flexible enough to be used on complex rim profiles, yet is strong enough to withstand the pressures associated with tubeless setups.
- Top quality CNC-machined aluminium valves feature side air ports, preventing the tubeless insert from obstructing air flow.
- Presta valves are compatible with both Presta and Schrader drilled rims due to their tapered base.
- Inspired Tubeless Sealant available separately.
- Weight: 93g (Insert weight cut and fixed to fit a 24" wheel)

Note 1:
The valves supplied with this kit will only seal rims with a maximum valve hole size of 9mm.

Note 2: If the tire is loose on the rim when fitted and does not inflate, use additional layers of rim tape/or a thicker rim tape to create a seal between the tyre and rim.

Tubeless Conversion Instructions (1.4MB)