Logo Tripod Seatpost

The Tripod™ system has been proven in the BMX market but this seatpost is the first to be released for street trials bikes. Tripod™ allows riders to benefit from lower weight, increased strength, improved appearance and lower height when compared to traditional systems.

The seatpost is supplied with a custom sized removable wedge to set the angle of the saddle when fitted but can be removed to change the inclination if necessary (other size wedges are also available on the market to further customise the position). We have specifically selected a custom sized wedge to give an angle which compliments the seat tube angles of street bikes.

Match this to our Inspired Kevlar Tripod™ saddle and you have the best seat/post combination available for trials, dirt or street mountain bikes!

Technical Specification
- Tripod system seat post.
- Allows Tripod seats to be bolted directly into the seat post, much neater and lighter than traditional railed saddle setups.
- Pressed and bonded construction is stiff and strong and also ensures maximum 'slammability' as there is no curved section at the top of the post.
- Bold laser etched Inspired logo.
- Length: 150mm, maximum height 80mm... but can be trimmed right down for maximum weight saving if required!
- 25.4mm diameter
- Weight: 110g